Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Purposes Of A Candle Holder

When you use a candle holder, set it on a flat, stable surface away from household traffic, drafts and pets. The holder itself shouldn't have any flammable materials on it nor should it be placed near something that can easily catch fire, like drapes.


Certain candle holders, like small cups that can hold votive candles and tea lights, keep the flame safely contained while it burns.

Melted Wax

You will prevent damage to your household surfaces from wax drippings if you place burning candles in a holder.


A holder helps you carry a burning candle more steadily and keeps melted wax from hitting the floor when it's being moved.


Candlesticks and awkwardly shaped candles need a holder to support them so they can stand upright.


Colorful or uniquely shaped candle holders can be placed around the home for decoration.


A candle holder is a practical gift for many occasions, like housewarming parties and bridal showers.

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