Monday, October 21, 2013

Results Of Smoking On Respiration

Effects of Smoking on Respiration

The respiratory system is literally the lifeblood of the human body. It supplies the blood with oxygen, one of the basic elements of life.

The effects of smoking on respiration can be detrimental. When you smoke, you inhibit the natural flow of oxygen, and each cigarette delivers some 4,000 toxic substances to the respiratory system, thus impairing its function indefinitely.

Some of the long-term effects are outlined below.

Lung Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, smoking is responsible for about 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. In addition, it's one of the most difficult cancers to treat.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The American Lung Association says that smoking is the primary risk factor, causing 80 to 90 percent of COPD deaths.

Chronic Cough

Often called "smoker's cough," a chronic cough may indicate respiratory damage, and smoking delays the immune system's response.

Shortness of Breath

Obstruction of the air passages from smoking commonly leads to shortness of breath. Lack of oxygen can inhibit everyday activities, and eventually lead to heart disease.

Throat Cancer

Tobacco use increases your risk of throat cancer, which can cause extreme difficulty eating, drinking and talking.

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