Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unwanted Effects Of Depakote Teeth

Depakote is a prescription drug used for seizures, bipolar manias, and used to prevent severe migraines. Depakote has some known problems like eroding the gum lines, making the root of the teeth visible and wearing the enamel off of teeth. It also makes the gums and teeth susceptible to abnormal bleeding and infections. The teeth may also be loose inside damaged gums and may ultimately fall out. It should be used with caution because not only does it cause problems all by itself, it also leads to gum and mouth infections, which also cause teeth damage in multiple ways.

Bleeding Risk

Depakote can cause blood problems that slow the rate of healing and increase the patient's bleeding and risk of infection. Patients should be especially careful when brushing and flossing teeth. It may cause abnormal bleeding in gums and raise your overall risk of infections or tooth loss.


Drinking carbonated beverages with Depakote can cause mouth and throat irritation. Carbonated beverages dull the color of teeth and eat away at enamel over time. Combined with Depakote, carbonated beverages become a serious danger to teeth color, enamel, gum erosion and may lead to loose teeth.

Palatal Petechia

Depakote inhibits platelets from forming blood clots and can cause palatal petechia along with abnormal bleeding. Palatal petechias are small red dots that grow under the skin. These dots contain blood leakages from capillaries. Petechia can occur as a side effect of an infection. Damage to the gum and teeth may also occur depending on age, length of Depakote ingestion and prior dental conditions.

Tooth Strength

Depakote can also cause the strength of the tooth to diminish. After losing enamel, enduring possible infections, and having its root exposed, a tooth can become extremely sensitive to hot or cold sensations, may break during eating or fall out of the infected gum bed.


Try to clean your teeth regularly and gently while taking Depakote. Trying to maintain optimal dental health may help lessen the effects of Depakote on your teeth and gums. If any problem occurs, consult a dentist. Do not stop Depakote without consulting your doctor first.

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