Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Exactly Are Pipe Filters Constructed Of

Many types of filters are available for pipes.

Many filters are available for pipe smokers. Depending on the habits of the smoker, these filters adjust and help remove unwanted particles.


In general, pipe filters are used to remove unwanted tar and nicotine. Though the smoker has a choice of inhaling or not, using a filter either way helps to refine the smoke.


There are two types of filters, including pass-around and pass-through. The pass-around type is made of either maple or balsa wood. Alternatively, the pass-through filter uses materials such as paper, charcoal mixed with paper, silica gel and charcoal.


Pass-around filters are mainly used to manipulate the smoke's moisture level and lessen it considerably, allowing the smoke to be dry upon inhalation. The pass-through filters remove small, unwanted particles from the smoke.


Be aware that the flavor of the smoke can be affected with the use of pass-through filters. Many smokers remove the filter so that they can experience the true taste and flavor of a given smoke.

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