Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Remove Nicotine From Home appliances

Give your appliances a makeover by cleaning off nicotine stains.

Smoking leaves unsightly stains not only on a smoker's hands and teeth, but also in their homes. Appliances can become nicotine stained from excess exposure to cigarette smoke. These stains present themselves in a yellowish-brown film on the appliances. Nicotine stain removal can be overwhelming, especially if the stains are the result of many years of cigarette smoke exposure. With the proper products and techniques, you can remove nicotine stains quickly and effectively, restoring the appearance of your appliances.


1. Wipe down the appliances with baby wipes. This is ideal for small appliances and those that are not stained too badly. Clean all crevices of the appliances to thoroughly remove the nicotine. Use a fresh wipe as one becomes soiled with nicotine and dust.

2. Fill a bucket with equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Dip a sponge in the bucket and wring it out well.

3. Wipe down the appliances with the sponge and vinegar solution. Rinse and wring out the sponge often. Change the bucket of cleaning solution as the water becomes cool and/or soiled.

4. Use ammonia for tough nicotine stains. Open doors and windows to properly ventilate the house. Apply straight household ammonia to a rag. Scrub the nicotine-stained appliances with the rag and ammonia. Switch to a new rag as one becomes soiled. Undiluted lemon juice is another effective degreaser that can be used in the same manner as ammonia.

5. Use a vinegar and ammonia mixture as an alternative method for removing nicotine stains from appliances. Combine equal parts vinegar and ammonia in a bucket. Add a few squirts of dish soap. Mix the ingredients into the bucket with a large spoon. Use a sponge to scrub the nicotine film from the appliances.

6. Wipe down the appliance with a rag and plain water after cleaning with any cleaning agent. This will remove any residue left behind from the cleaners and/or the nicotine. Buff the appliances dry with a clean rag.

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