Monday, October 28, 2013

Negative Effects Of Nicoderm Cq

Nicoderm CQ is a medication used to replace the nicotine in tobacco with the nicotine in a patch. It is the nicotine in tobacco that creates an addiction to such products as cigarettes. The nicotine in the patch is absorbed through the skin. Nicoderm CQ is an important ally in the battle to quit using tobacco products, but it does have some negative effects.

Common Effects

Abnormal dreams, headaches, mild dizziness and mild redness, itching and/or burning at the place where the patch is placed is one adverse effect of Nicoderm CQ. Check with your physician if these symptoms start to be a nuisance.


Do not smoke or use any tobacco product while using Nicoderm CQ. The nicotine contained in the patch is still being absorbed into the skin even after several hours of the patch being removed. Never shave the area the patch is to be placed on, and do not wear more than one patch at a time.

Cardiovascular Effects

Increased heart rate and blood pressure have been reported by users of Nicoderm CQ. Nicotine in patients with coronary artery disease may cause coronary artery vasoconstriction.


Though some effects include itching and even local erythematic at the patch site in as many as half the treated patients, this will rarely lead to the discontinuation of the nicotine patch.

Severe Reactions

Any of the following symptoms should be reported right away to a medical professional: rashes, hives, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue and face, blurred vision, irregular heartbeat and vomiting.

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