Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fight Depression After Substance Abuse

Fight Depression After
Drug Addiction

Fighting depression by itself can be a major obstacle, but fighting depression while recovering from drug addiction can be the worst ordeal of your life. You will want to use. Part of you will want to stay free of drugs, while the other part will be saying “I can fix this with a fix.” In simple terms, depression works on the mind the same way drugs do. It takes time away from you. Sometimes doubts, pain and other mental problems will be too much to bear. To fight it, you will need some help along the way. Reading this is the first step.


1. Read up. Just reading this article won’t provide all the answers. You need to become a student of depression. Better than going to a doctor and asking for a pill is finding natural ways to fight the depression. For example, you could read up on how others dealt with depression. Many drug addicts use drugs for the sole purpose of ending depression.

2. Gain an understanding. You will need to see clearly that drugs will only make the depression worse. True, in the few moments of euphoria you may forget the depression altogether, along with other things. But it will come back worse. The depression can become far more dangerous when mixed with drugs. You might want to end your life. You may experience deep psychological pain. You will usually want more drugs too. Once you run out of those, you will be back to square one--or worse.

3. Ask for help. Yes, certain medications can help, but they're not the only answer, and some people are against using any pills to combat the pain. But it’s a proven device to slow down the pain of depression. If you can take one Prozac in the morning, stay clean off drugs and stay hopeful, you will see how it works. Always keep your doctor posted. If you are a drug addict, make it clear to her. You can also ask advice from friends and family. Depress is very common, and so is drug addiction. It won’t be hard to find help for your problems from others.

4. Become socially active. Look out at the sun more. Do more than just sit in your home or apartment. Being around people, even if you aren’t talking to them, can allow you to gain a new perspective. For one, it will put you in a better place. Or you can always run to work and friends. Working can help you forget all the pain, and friends can be more help than any pill or doctor. Go on walks with them, or exercise in some other ways.

5. Remember what got you here. There will still be a desire to use drugs. It may always be there. But the point is to stay clean and stay active. You can’t quite outrun depression, nor can you defeat it forever. The good news is, for every low point there is usually a high point. You should always remember that.

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