Thursday, May 2, 2013

Help An Individual Who Has Consumed Poison

Help a Person Who Has Ingested Poison

The most commonly ingested poisons are drugs (including alcohol), plants and contaminated food. Treatment for ingested poison involves diluting the poison and getting it out of the stomach before it is absorbed into the system.


1. Identify the source of the poison: Was it a petroleum or corrosive chemical product (camping stove fuel, bleach?)? Was it a plant, food or drug?

2. Induce vomiting immediately if the following conditions are true: The poisoned person is fully conscious and coherent; you determine that the poison was not from a petroleum or corrosive chemical product. Vomiting may be induced by having the person drink a mixture of 2 tbsp. of syrup of ipecac with a half liter of water.

3. Administer another dose of syrup of ipecac and water after 20 minutes if the person had not yet vomited.

4. Mix 5 tbsp. of activated charcoal with a small amount of water after the vomiting has ceased. This mixture will absorb what is left in the stomach.

5. Drink copious amounts of water after vomiting to dilute the poison.

6. Save a sample of the ingested substance for identification.

7. Evacuate to a hospital immediately.

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