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Supplements To Mix With Testosterone

With the right supplements, your testosterone regimen is optimized.

A good rule for better health is that nutrients work best in combination with other nutrients. This is also true for hormonal supplements like testosterone. For you to get the most benefit, it's wise to balance out your nutritional regimen as much as possible and not depend on just one or two ingredients.

Progress With Moderation

To keep your body in balance, you need balanced nutrition.

With the guidance of your trainer and medical professional, you will likely experiment with a variety of protocols. Seek balance and moderation. Don't overdo supplements or be motivated by short-term and unrealistic goals. Wanting certain results before your body is ready for them--increased sexual power, for instance--produces emotional and physical stress that can slow down the achievement of your goals. In one study, it took up to three months for men to benefit fully from testosterone therapy, as reported in the "Journal of Andrology," Vol. 24, No. 6 Supplement, November/December 2003.

Supporting Regeneration

Creatine adds to energy and muscle.

Your body can only rebuild itself when it has the necessary materials. Look at testosterone as the master build. But it needs amino acids in order to construct anything. Creatine is one of those amino acids. It occurs naturally in your body, but during extended physical activity, the amount may not be enough. As a supplement Creatine can help you get more benefit from your testosterone. This could mean greater energy and muscle tissues. Generally, there are no risks at the quantity recommended by the manufacturers.

Securing Full-Spectrum Building Blocks

You can secure sufficient creatine as well as all the other amino acids in a high-quality whey protein supplement. This will get muscle-building protein into your system right away. Essential amino acids cannot be produced by your body; therefore, a good supplement will ensure you are getting all of them. According to the American College of Nutrition on their website, "Whey proteins have been reported to have utility in many different applications ranging from effects on bone, muscle, blood, brain, pancreas, immune, cancer, infection, metabolism, wound healing, learning, and aging."

Benefiting from Supplements

Vitamin D and calcium with testosterone can benefit older men.

Combined with transdermal testosterone patches,Vitamin D and calcium benefited musculoskeletal health in a study done by researchers at the Center on Aging, University of Connecticut Health Center. In addition to testosterone supplementation, 45 men--65 to 87 years old--were given 500 mg calcium and 400 IU vitamin D. This study showed prevention of bone loss, a leaner body mass, and an increase in lower body strength.

Bolstering Results With Good Fats

Essential fats are made up of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are essential for rebuilding of muscles and organs. Your body cannot make nutrients; therefore, you need to get them from your diet. A good supplement helps to ensure that you ingest a balanced form of these nutrients.

Revving Up Testosterone

With the revving up that testosterone may bring to your body, you want to consider the amino acid glutamine. Your body makes enough for its normal needs. But there are times, such as additional stress or activity, when that might not be enough. Usually as L-glutamine, you can buy it in capsules, tablets, liquid or as a part of your protein powder.

Making Sure You Have It All

Even a varriety of foods sometimes lacks balanced nutrition.

Do you fear that you might still be missing some essential nutrients? Then you could benefit from a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. In order for testosterone to deliver a high level of benefits, your body needs a full range of nutrients. If you feel that you are not getting this from your regular diet, you may want to add this to your nutritional program. .

Bioavailability is the key to your supplement's effectiveness. Quality ingredients and formulation are important, according to a study done by The Johns Hopkins University Evidence-Based Practice Center, Baltimore, Maryland. (See Reference 4)

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