Friday, October 4, 2013

Obtain A Custom Patch Made

Design your own patch and have professionals embroider it.

You don't have to be an artist to design your own custom patch. With some paper and colored pencils you can generate a basic template for your patch. Patches generally come in the shape of a shield, rectangle, circle, tombstone or square. Send your template to a professional embroidery company where they can mass-produce a unique, finished product.


1. Decide what colors you would like to use on your patch. For some companies or departments, certain colors are symbolic or integral to their motto or logo.

2. Find a logo or picture that can be incorporated into your design. For example, if you are an aviation company you might use an airplane as part of your design.

3. Create your design. Look at different custom patch websites to get ideas.

4. Determine the shape of your patch. Draw the outline of the patch in the center of your paper.

5. Fill in the center of your patch with your logo, motto, date of company inception (if applicable) and any other features you would like to use.

6. Design your own or have the comapny you choose assist with the design.

Utilize custom patch companies on the Internet (see Resources). Some will accept your artwork as a template to create your custom patch. Others have an option on their site that allows you to create it online and e-mail it to them.

7. Research pricing, shipping and handling. Call different companies and ask about discounts with bulk purchases. The less detail your patch has, the less you will pay.

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