Monday, October 7, 2013

Quit Smoking Cigarettes/Cigars

Quitting smoking requires determintation.

Smoking leads to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Cigarette smoking-related deaths account for one out of five deaths yearly among Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While many cigar smokers don't inhale the smoke, cigars contains just as many toxic chemicals that cigarettes contain. According to the National Cancer Institute, a premium cigar may contain as much tobacco as one pack of cigarettes. Despite the ill effects of smoking, trying to quit and staying tobacco-free remains difficult due to tobacco addiction.


1. Making a plan will help guide you to quitting.

Make a quit-smoking plan. Your plan should include drawing up a support system such as friends and family. Create a journal and write down the triggers that make you want to smoke, which can include alcohol consumption or stress. Write down the reasons you'd like to quit.

2. Set a date on your calendar to quit smoking and stick to the date. Plan a date close on your calender, instead of farther away. Waiting until the last day of the month might make you change your mind about quitting.

3. Distract yourself from smoking and the behaviors that typically go with it. Changing your routine can help distract you from the urge to smoke. Going for a walk or exercising can be a healthier alternative.

4. Try nicotine replacement medications, which include nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges or nicotine patches. If over-the-counter methods don't work, consult with your physician about prescription medications, such as bupropion or varenicline.

5. Eliminate any remaining cigarettes or cigars in your home. Get rid of ashtrays. Leave gum or hard candy around your house to substitute for the cravings.

6. Connect with a mental health professional if you feel other options have failed. Call a support hotline to get you through a craving.

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