Monday, March 3, 2014

Fresh paint Over Nicotine Stains

Remove cigarette smoke stains once and for all.

Many homeowners looking to do a little spring cleaning or sell their home are faced with the problem of nicotine-stained walls. Cleaning these stains away can be a time-consuming, potentially costly experience; and there are no guarantees all the yellowing will vanish. In order to ensure that painted surfaces are stain-free, the areas must be properly recovered with the correct type of primer and paint.


1. Mix the water, ammonia and dish soap.

2. Dip a hand towel into the mixture and wash off any nicotine stained areas on the walls. The mixture will remove any grease and grime left behind from the nicotine, and will prepare the wall to accept the primer and paint more effectively.

3. Allow the walls to dry completely.

4. Cover any affected areas with a coat of oil-based, stain-blocking primer, which can be purchased at home improvement and hardware stores. The primer will ensure that any yellow color will not bleed through the final paint color.

5. Allow the primer to dry completely before painting the wall a layer of oil or latex paint. The paint can either match the existing paint color or you may wish to repaint the entire room a new, fresh hue.

6. Cover the walls with a second coat of paint after the first coat as dried completely, if desired.

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