Monday, March 3, 2014

What's Urge

Urge was once a seprarate music serviec allowing subscription members to download music from MTV channels MTV, VH1 and CMT. As of 2009, Urge is now combined with Rhapsody to allow subscribers to get features from both online music services in one place.


Urge is a music service offered by MTV in which users could automatically have access to it after upgrading to Windows Media Player 11. After a 14-day free trial period, users could subscribe to the all-inclusive All Access to Go service for $14.99 per month. This provided the ability to have access to more than two million songs, which could be downloaded to two portable devices. The All Access services allowed subscribers to have the service without the option of transporting music to a device.

Urge and Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a digital music service owned by Real that allows members to get as much music as they want to download. They can buy the music and albums they desire and have non-stop music channels. With the Urge and Rhapsody services operating under the name of the latter, MTV-influenced programming will be added and made available with the conveniences offered by Rhapsody.

Benefits of Rhapsody

Rhapsody-Urge allows members to listen to music without paying per tracks as you would if you downloaded MP3s from an online music source like Instead, members pay a monthly fee of $12.99, which Rhapsody boasts is less than the price of a CD. Mac, PC and Linux computer users can take advantage of Rhapsody's services.


Rhapsody-Urge has an online service call Rhapsody to Go. Some equipment is needed for it. An MP3 player, a computer or a home audio device like Philips Streamium NP2900 or Sonos Multi-Room Music System are recommended picks.


With the photos, editorial content and musical offerings that both these services together provide, subscribers will get more than what they have previously. Former Urge subscribers who do not want Rhapsody can call customer support at Rhapsody at (877) 597-5465.

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