Friday, January 11, 2013

About Ear Stapling To Stop Smoking

According to the Mansfield Holistic Wellness and Acupuncture Center, nicotine is more addictive than heroin. Because so many struggle with nicotine addiction, products abound that promise to help users kick the habit. Ear stapling uses methods of acupuncture to help curb cravings and leave its users smoke-free.


A variation of auriculotherapy, ear stapling activates pressure points in the ear that are thought to correspond to organs in the body. Seen as an effective treatment for detoxifying the body, ear stapling has been practiced since 500 B.C., according to the Rising Lotus Wellness Center.


In addition to smoking cessation, ear stapling is also used for the following:

Weight loss


Tension headaches

Acid reflux


The small, surgical stainless steel suture is placed in the outer part of the ear to reduce nicotine cravings. Endorphins are released, and they send a calming and relaxing signal to the brain. Ear stapling may hurt for a moment, but many say the pain is similar to having one's ears pierced.

Is it safe?

Similar to ear piercing, ear stapling poses little risk for the consumer. Ear stapling is considered safe for everyone; however, pregnant women or those trying to conceive should talk to their health care provider. Ear stapling will not interfere with other medications. The biggest risk associated with ear stapling is infection, but good hand-washing practices should prevent this.


Different practices state different levels of success. Many report that an average 80 to 90 percent will either quit smoking or greatly reduce their consumption of cigarettes. Within a few days, they may be turned off by the smell; however, some users take about a week for the effects to kick in. Ear stapling is effective for two to three months.

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