Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ideas To Quit Tobacco

While quitting tobacco is not easy, some tips can make it easier.

According to the American Cancer Society, both smoking tobacco and consuming it in a smokeless form, such as chewing tobacco or snuff, are harmful. Both create an addiction to nicotine, and both can cause mouth and throat cancer. Quitting tobacco is an important step to take for your health, but it is not easy. Being aware of helpful tips can make the process more straightforward.

Inform Your Friends and Family

Tell your friends and family that you are going to be quitting tobacco. Not only does this help reaffirm your resolve to quit, it also gives you an opportunity to let them know that you might be irrational or irritable in the coming weeks. Ask them for their support and their understanding during this period.

Choose a Day to Quit

Whether you decide to quit tomorrow or next week, set a quit date. Whether you decide to stop smoking cold turkey or you decide that you would rather wean yourself off the nicotine, decide on a day when you will be fully stopped. Choose the day, and stick with it. This will prevent you from being vague about when you are quitting, which can prevent you from quitting at all.

Drink Plenty of Water

Consuming an increased amount of water helps flush the nicotine and other trace chemicals out of your body, and drinking the water helps replace the oral sensation of smoking cigarettes. Keep a glass of water within reach, and place a bottle of water on your desk at work.

Get Rid of All Tobacco Products

When you want to quit smoking, get rid of all of the smoking paraphernalia that you have in your home. That includes not only the tobacco itself but also items such as ashtrays, pipes and tobacco bags. If the items have sentimental meaning, give them away, but do not allow them to remain in your home.

Keep Trying

Even if you give in and use tobacco after you have decided to quit, that does not mean that you cannot quit. People make mistakes, and people do have lapses. The important thing is to be compassionate with yourself and then to move on. Remember that it can take several attempts before you have kicked the habit, and smoking today does not mean that you will smoke tomorrow.

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