Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Lengthy Is Cigarette Smoking Noticeable With An Exam

Traces of tobacco use can stay in the urine for up to four days

Insurance companies use urine tests on applicants for coverage to detect traces of drugs or evidence of diseases. One of the most standard tests is whether or not traces of nicotine or cotinine exist to determine the smoking status of the applicant.


When the human body ingests nicotine, cotinine is one of the byproducts that appears after processing. A urine test can determine the presence of cotinine generally up to two to four days after you have smoked a cigarette.

Insurance and Smoking

Insurance companies increase premiums substantially for smokers and it doesn't take much for you to be classified as one. Just admitting to smoking one cigarette in the past year is enough to make you a smoker in the insurance company's eyes, according to Kanetix.

Smoking after Policy Issue

Generally if the insurance company classifies you as a non-smoker and tests confirm no tobacco use, you are now actually free to start smoking and retain your non-smoker status as long as you do not make a change to your policy that would require a new health questionnaire, such as increasing your coverage.


Insurance companies allow for the smoking of the occasional cigar, typically one per month, as long as your urine tests shows no traces of tobacco use.

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