Monday, January 14, 2013

Who Makes Doral Cigarettes

Who Makes Doral Cigarettes?

In 1969, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., introduced Doral cigarettes. According to R.J. Reynolds, the cigarettes were re-branded in 1984 as a savings brand, making Doral the first branded cigarette to compete in the value-savings market.


Doral cigarettes are available throughout the United States and can be purchased in full-flavor, lights and ultra-lights, as well as menthol, menthol lights and menthol ultra-lights. Sizes include kings and 100s.


R.J. Reynolds considers the Doral cigarette brand a "support brand." The company puts limited marketing resources behind Doral in order to focus on creating a balance between scale and long-term profit.


The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., is the second-largest tobacco company in the United States. Currently, Doral makes up 3.6 percent of all U.S. cigarette sales in the savings brand category.


The largest plant that The R.J. Reynolds has is a 2 million-square-foot facility located in Tobaccoville, a town close to Winston-Salem, N.C. The company has about 4,800 employees.

Parent Company

R.J. Reynolds is a subsidiary of Reynolds American, Inc. Reynolds American, Inc., is also the parent company of Conwood Company, LLC; Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc.; Lane Limited; and R.J. Reynolds Global Products, Inc.

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