Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dangerous Results Of Food Chemical preservatives

Soda can contain harmful food preservatives.

Food preservatives keep food fresh and help stop it from spoiling. These preservatives also act to improve food safety by destroying bacteria that can cause illness. Unfortunately, food preservatives can also produce harmful effects to the body. Common, harmful food preservatives include benzoates, bromates, butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHA and BHT), sodium sulfites and sodium nitrate.


Sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate are preservatives found in pickles, flour, margarine, fruit juices, beer, salad dressing, soy sauces, toothpastes, mouthwashes and medicine. Sheffield University cites lab tests that suggest benzoates create free radicals and damage cells. Benzoates are already linked to leukemia, cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson's disease. Sodium benzoate also triggers allergies.


Potassium bromate appears in breads and rolls, acting to increase their volume. The Center for Science in the Public Interest notes that bromate itself can cause cancer in animals. Although most of the bromate in bread breaks down to harmless bromide, tiny amounts of bromate can still exist in the food. Bromate has been banned in every country in the world except Japan and the United States of America.

Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene

BHA and BHT are synthetic antioxidant preservatives used to keep fats and oils from becoming rancid. They commonly appear in cereals, chewing gum, vegetable oil, potato chips, snack foods and meats. The International Agency for Research on Cancer claims that BHA and BHT may carry carcinogenic properties.

Sodium Sulfites

Sodium sulfites act as a common food preservative for fruits, dried fruit, canned olives and peppers, corn syrup, wine vinegar and wine. Noted side effects of sodium sulfites include headaches, joint pain, heart palpitations, allergies and cancer.

Sodium Nitrates

Sodium nitrate is used in curing meats such as ham, bacon, sausage and bologna. The Federal Drug Administration notes it can also worsen asthma and decrease lung function. Animal testing has shown that nitrous acid (the conversion of sodium nitrate when ingested), caused high rates of cancer. Germany and Norway have banned the food preservative.

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