Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Create A Cigarette

With the cost of ready-made cigarettes going higher, many people who smoke are looking to alternatives to paying the price for a pack of smokes. The cheapest solution is to buy loose tobacco, papers and a hand roller and make your own cigarettes. A can of tobacco is usually less than half the cost of a carton of cigarettes, and the papers are included. The roller will only cost a couple of dollars and will roll many cans of tobacco into cigarettes.


1. Push the apron down between the two rollers on the hand roller. The apron is the plastic sheath that covers the rollers.

2. Place a large pinch of tobacco into the depressed apron and distribute it evenly throughout the length of the roller.

3. Use your thumbs to spin the front roller to compact the tobacco.

4. Place a single rolling paper into the top of the roller with the glue facing you.

5. Gently turn the front roller towards you to roll the cigarette paper into the machine.

6. Stop rolling when the glue on the paper gets close to the top of the machine.

7. Lick the glue across the paper.

8. Begin rolling toward yourself until the paper totally disappears.

9. Open the front roller and pop out the cigarette.

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