Friday, January 25, 2013

Items To Get Those Who Are Giving up Smoking

Put out the cigarette for good -- specifically, good health.

Addiction is one facet of the smoking habit. Smoking has many unpleasant consequences that can lead to pain for you or your family. If you attempt to quit smoking, you will be challenged by withdrawal symptoms and an overwhelming urge to pick up a cigarette again. Those who undertake this arduous task know it's worth it to face those symptoms in return for their own health, money, appearance, stamina and numerous other reasons. Just because the person is doing it mainly for themselves doesn't mean they couldn't use a great friend during this time. If you know someone who is quitting, there are some great gifts you can give to make the time less painful.


One type of gift you could give someone who is trying to quit smoking would be a type of aid. Although an actual human aide may be a bit costly, many mechanic and organic aids exist, and many are relatively inexpensive. Keep in mind that those who smoke typically have developed an oral fixation, meaning that their bodies simply desire to have something in their mouths. This doesn't have to be a cigarette. A piece of gum, nicotine or not, could do the job. One other idea is to buy the person an electronic cigarette, such as the ones that use water vapor instead of smoke. Check to see what the person has in terms of quitting equipment, and see if they could use anything else. A helping hand in such a difficult task is always appreciated.


Someone who is trying to kick the habit can become rather cranky, and though attempts at humor are not always appreciated, there are quite a few ideas that they'll be sure to enjoy. Generally, if you know the sense of humor that the person has, you can divine the type of gift they would appreciate. A T-shirt that offers a humorous warning to passersby that the person wearing it is kicking the smoking habit may be suitable. Another idea is a poster or small-framed image of one of the many hilarious comic strips about quitting smoking. Laughter is the best medicine after all.


When smokers quit, many know that their futures will be affected by their decision in a positive way. Sometimes, however, the smoker fails to remember all the good parts about being a nonsmoker. For example, many smokers recover their sense of smell during the process, so buy them something in their favorite scent. Smokers also will save money since they're not buying cigarettes. Get them a custom piggy bank and explain that they should put the money that they are saving in there until they've totally kicked it. Help your friend rediscover what they've been missing.


At the end of the day, when all the novelty from the gift has been exhausted and everyone has left, the smoker may be by himself and boredom may gradually set in. With boredom, the mind wanders, and in the case of a quitter, eventually wanders back to cigarettes. For this reason, one way to help a smoker quit is by getting them something that helps prevent the boredom from coming. Give them something that can't be done in just a minute; give them something they need something to work on. A cerebral person may enjoy a Rubik's Cube, for example. Another type may enjoy a stack of blank compact discs that they can make hard copies of their music on when they get bored. The idea is to keep boredom away by keeping the person busy.

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