Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How To Quit Smoking Cold Poultry

You can have a smoke free life.

Some believe that quitting smoking cold turkey is the most effective way to stop the habit. The unfortunate truth is, smokers are drugs addicts, in need of one of the most highly addictive legal drugs on the market. The decision to quit needs to come from within for any chance of success. But once that step is taken, support from friends and family is also necessary.

Knowing is Half the Battle

The cold turkey quit method is considered to be most effective because of the mechanics of nicotine. Understanding how nicotine withdrawal works will help you cope with what you feel inside your body. First, know that quitting cold turkey may result in larger withdrawal symptoms, but the overall withdrawal period is much shorter.

When a body becomes dependent on a certain level of nicotine per day, it will experience withdrawal until that level is met or increased. Maintaining the nicotine dependence with patches or gum feeds nicotine cravings, but also keeps the body expecting the full amount of nicotine for a longer period of time. The patch or gum quitters will be faced with withdrawal for months as they gradually step down the nicotine levels in their bloodstream.

However, for a cold turkey quitter, it is a relatively short amount of time before all the levels of nicotine in the body are completely excreted, as opposed to the patch or gum quitters whose nicotine-step-down process takes much longer. Once this occurs, usually within three days to a week, physical withdrawal symptoms cease. The cold turkey quitter must then only face the psychological addiction to nicotine. Remembering that your craving for a cigarette is based on emotional attachment to smoking and not a physical need can help you overcome their cravings day by day.

Replace your urge to smoke

With only the psychological addiction to overcome, the cold turkey quitter has a variety of options at his disposal. Think about what urges you to crave a cigarette and create a personal strategy to combat that urge. For example, if you want to smoke a cigarette when you feel like you have nothing to do with your hands, take up knitting, sit down to write in a journal or learn to fold origami. If you feel your cravings are linked to an oral habit, start chewing gum, sucking on mints or keep some hard candy handy. Whatever your personal attachment to cigarettes is, create a plan that is tailored made to you. Get creative.

Be Honest with Yourself and Others

Quitting smoking, cold turkey or not, is an emotional roller coaster. The relationship you had with cigarettes does not define who you are. Be honest with yourself when you feel like you are having a rough time. Take time for yourself to cope when you need it.

Many who quit smoking often lash out at those around them as they deal with their personal frustrations of quitting. Be open and honest about your process with those around you. Ask them in advance to have patience with you as your work to improve your health. If you find yourself lashing out, remove yourself from the situation. Give your head some time to think, and then return with an honest heart about why you were so frustrated. Your friends, family and coworkers will understand the importance of a path to better health, and most likely will be more than willing to support you along your journey.

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